Happy birthday, James Lafferty! (July 25, 1985)

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james lafferty. one tree hill. birthday. gif*. you're such a dork ugh. and jesus you don't have videos to gif. or selfies. or news. you're stupid. but i love you anyway. lmao at eve crazy dancing. so adorable. it's his birthday already in brazil sooooo here it is!.

@ThisIsLafferty I keep forgetting to use the word “tremendous”. Such a tremendous word. #tremendous

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james lafferty. one tree hill. edit*. you're ridiculous. i hate you. get out.


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james lafferty. i'm overwhelmed by his beauty. pls stop.

When we lived on the hill.

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one tree hill. james lafferty. sophia bush. bethany joy lenz. hilarie burton. austin nichols. and all the rest of the cast cause i'm lazzy. masterpost. this is HUGE. i know. i'm sorry. btw i know that some of this pics were taken after the show was over. lol. cast. k.
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james lafferty. HE'S ALIVE. thanks jlafferty source.
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james lafferty.
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James Lafferty. One Tree Hill. wat is wrong with u honey. you have to use your instagram more often. but i want to see your face. and not a road or a dog and all that shit.
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james lafferty. bless your face.
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hilarie burton. james lafferty. bethany joy lenz. one tree hill. i can't with this pictures. lol.

Happy 28th birthday, James Lafferty!

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James Lafferty. One Tree Hill. birthday. ilysm bby.