I promise you, Haley. I will always be there for you, I will always protect you. I will always protect you. Always.

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naley. nathan scott. haley james scott. one tree hill. othedit. meh. it turned out to be the opposite of what i wanted. but i did my best. i blame the anon ask for this. lol. gif*. k.

One Tree Hill + family tree

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one tree hill. oth*. othedit. masterpost. oth. edit*. k. it took me the longest time to finish this. i don't even know if i like this thing. this ended up being the opposite of what i wanted. UPGRADE: it's jude BAKER not jude DAVIS. i fucked up. lol. i'm sad. my bad. and yes i totally forgot about peyton's brother derek. my bad again. bye. UPGRADE 2: i didn't forgot about quinn's ex husband david. i just don't think he's relevant enough to be in the family tree. okay i didn't forgot about all the mess between quinn x david x taylor. but none had babies together. and i think the james family is big enough without him. so i chose the relevant family members. and there's no space left for him lol. so whatevs. :).
Get to know me meme

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[5] favorite movies

[5] favorite tv shows

[5] favorite female characters

[5] favorite male characters

[5] favorite relationships

[10] favorite singers/bands

[20] current celebrity crushes

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i'm starting it now. and yes i changed 10 to 20 current celebrity crushes. lol. nm. gtkm. meme. i added singers and bands cause i love a lot of people. ;).

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naley. nathan scott. haley james scott. one tree hill. i'm getting addicted. what shows more that a couple is happily married than having slutty wedding sex?. lol. oth. oth*.

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haley james scott. one tree hill. bethany joy lenz. fuck the cw logo. i spend 5 hours making this gifs. you better like this. lol. oth*. oth.

Happy 33rd birthday, Bethany Joy Lenz - April 2, 1981

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bethany joy lenz. one tree hill. i love you so very much. joy is the prettiest woman. the gifs don't look very good. but hey it's the first time i ever make gifs. so give me a break. lol. birthday. queue. gif*.
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hilary duff. i hate shitty quality videos. ugh. i'm still working with my gif skills. but at least they are moving. lol.
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katie cassidy. arrow. i remember that i used to hate her because she was dating jmac. and then when i finally stopped being such an idiot they broke up. how sad is that. lol.

When we lived on the hill.

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one tree hill. james lafferty. sophia bush. bethany joy lenz. hilarie burton. austin nichols. and all the rest of the cast cause i'm lazzy. masterpost. this is HUGE. i know. i'm sorry. btw i know that some of this pics were taken after the show was over. lol. cast. k.
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hilarie burton. james lafferty. bethany joy lenz. one tree hill. i can't with this pictures. lol.