Get to know: Sophia Bush (insp.)

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sophia bush. so i chose storyteller over actress cause sophia always refer herself like this. and i always thought her eyes were green but every site i looked up said hazel. so hazel it is. does this look good?. idk lol.
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sophia bush.

happy 32nd birthday, sophia bush - july 8, 1982

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sophia bush. one tree hill. chicago pd. birthday. gif*. i love you so much. few hours early but who cares.

"Life is short. Make it great. Let NOTHING take you down." - @SophiaBush

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sophia bush. lmao does this quote make sense with the photos. only god can answer. bye.

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betty who. sophia bush. kevin mchale. lmao. wtf is this. i'm not funny sorry. i got bored and thought why not. you really should give this girl a try tho. you're not gonna regret it. probably won't have many notes cAUSE SHE'S SO UNDERRATED. ugh. bye. edit*.
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sophia bush. edit*.
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sophia bush. jesse lee soffer. patrick flueger. chicago pd. they are my fav cpd ot3.
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sophia bush. one tree hill. chicago pd.

When we lived on the hill.

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one tree hill. james lafferty. sophia bush. bethany joy lenz. hilarie burton. austin nichols. and all the rest of the cast cause i'm lazzy. masterpost. this is HUGE. i know. i'm sorry. btw i know that some of this pics were taken after the show was over. lol. cast. k.

sophia bush + dogs

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sophia bush. dogs.